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Harper government introduces the Digital Privacy Act, which will provide added protection for seniors against financial abuse

April 9, 2014 - Announcement from Alice Wong M.P. Minister of State (Seniors)

Dear Sir/Madam,
As Minister of State for Seniors, I am pleased to tell you about the Digital Privacy Act that was introduced yesterday.
This Bill is proposing changes to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, Canada’s private sector privacy law. Some of these amendments are intended to better protect seniors from fraud and financial abuse.
To address rising concerns about financial abuse of seniors, the proposed changes will allow businesses and organizations such as banks to notify officials, or next of kin, if they suspect that a client is the victim of financial abuse.
Currently, financial institutions must wait for the client’s consent before taking steps to prevent or investigate abuse. However, under the proposed changes, this requirement would be waived if the organization believes that notifying the client would compromise its ability to protect them.
Officials at Industry Canada, with the support of Employment and Social Development Canada, will work together with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada to provide guidance to banks and other affected organizations about factors to be considered in using their discretion in this area and about related best practices.
Our government is committed to ensuring that Canadians are aware of the signs and symptoms of elder abuse, in all its forms. I encourage you to visit the elder abuse section on for more information.
The Honourable Alice Wong, P.C., M.P. Minister of State (Seniors)

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