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The Alzheimer Society London and Middlesex proudly presents our annual conference. This conference will educate and inform clients, healthcare professionals and those living with cognitive impairment.

Our Insightful Speakers: 

  • Naomi Feil – world-renowned creator of the “Validation Therapy" technique and our returning headlining keynote speaker.
  • Dr. Marie Savundranayagam – Western University Gerontologist, researcher of the “person-centered” approach to communication between staff and clients with dementia.
  • London-based and internationally known research panel to discuss the latest news in the Alzheimer’s and dementia scientific community. 

What’s in it for You?
  • Naomi’s Validation technique will help decrease stress and burnout, enhance dignity and empathy, reduce the need for physical and chemical restraints and ultimately improve overall happiness among staff and clients.
  • Dr. Savundranayagam will focus on the benefits that person-centered communication techniques can have on caregivers, and clients with dementia.
  • Our knowledgeable research panel will share insights and research-backed scientific advancements in the fields of Alzheimer’s and dementia, providing you with the most current and local updates.
  • A meaningful way to learn invaluable skills, techniques and gain insight into Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.


Mark your calendars:

Our conference will be held Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at London’s Best Western Lamplighter Inn & Conference Centre. EARLY BIRD- Save $25 by registering by Sept. 30!

Contact Rebecca Lafleur-Hannam at 519-680-2404 ext.242 or for more information

Contact Susan Oster at 519-680- 404 ext. 233 or for more information