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ASLM/AFLM Board Chairs Announce CEO Retirement

December 22, 2016

By Editor
As the Chairs of the Alzheimer Society London and Middlesex and the Alzheimer Foundation London and Middlesex, we are announcing the retirement of our CEO, Betsy Little, effective April 1, 2017.

The Alzheimer Society has seen an unprecedented expansion in our region’s dementia rates during Betsy’s tenure. Her leadership over the last decade has been instrumental in the organization’s’ meeting the challenge of that growth. Through Betsy’s leadership and vision, the Alzheimer Society has expanded the support services available throughout London and Middlesex, has launched new and innovative programs, established important collaborations and partnerships with other organizations to better serve those living with dementia and has increased overall funding from donors, funding organizations and government. Betsy’s is leaving a legacy of which she can be proud. 

As we embark on the search for Betsy’s successor, we know that both the Society and Foundation are well positioned  to handle the challenges of the increasing needs of the London and Middlesex families living with dementia. We wish Betsy a well-earned and fulfilling retirement and thank her for her valued leadership as CEO of the Alzheimer Society and Alzheimer Foundation of London and Middlesex.

Peter Regier,
Chair, Board of Directors,
 Alzheimer Society London and Middlesex  

Bryan Vickers,
Chair, Board of Directors,
 Alzheimer Foundation London and Middlesex