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Navigating the Road Ahead: Staying Safe, Staying Engaged

October 30, 2014

By Editor
Many of us have heard the term “Journey” when the topic of dementia is brought up in conversation.  It’s an apt description for a disease that has only one destination and features many twists and turns along the way.

While the destination is unavoidable and one full of sadness, the last decade or so has seen advancements in the approach to the disease that demonstrates its onwards march can be altered. With heightened awareness, education and increased funding, along with ongoing and intensified research efforts and the development of a wide array of support programs, services and strategies, the journey in many cases can last longer with less isolation.
The Alzheimer Society is dedicated to being there along the entire journey for the person with dementia, for their care partners and for their families. This November, as part of that commitment, our annual conference – Navigating the Road Ahead; Staying Safe, Staying Engaged – offers a day long program of education and awareness for care partners (both family caregivers and professional care providers).

This year's conference provides an important spotlight on positive and proactive approaches to the care of a person with dementia offering practical techniques and vital information that can only benefit a person in the caregiving role.

The Conference morning features Teepa Snow as the keynote presenter. Teepa will deliver a half-day session based on her unique 'Positive Approach to Care'. As an advocate for those living with dementia her presentation focuses on how it feels to be living with such a challenge and illustrates how to change and improve life for everyone involved in the dementia journey. She focuses on leveraging what skills a person with dementia still has, then designing a program of support and care that provides a ‘just right’ match between what that person needs, is able to do, and the environment and care partnering that can provide it.

The afternoon session will feature Sgt. Jamie Stirling, Provincial Coordinator of the O.P.P Search and Rescue (SAR) program. The SAR team is involved in approximately 30 to 40 dementia-related searches each year. Sgt. Stirling’s presentation on the characteristic patterns of a wandering person provides important information every caregiver should know about caring for a person who is a threat to wander.
The conference wraps up with a panel discussion featuring an occupational therapist, a social worker with dementia expertise, a recreational therapist, and a city emergency management specialist with tips and info on dementia and caregiving safety and engagement.
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