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A New Project

June 9, 2014

By Mary Beth Wighton
By Mary Beth Wighton, Person with Dementia

February 4th, 2013

Back in the day, I used to be a Sr. Business Analyst for a large well-known software company. This job afforded me wonderful opportunities of working with the very brightest and dedicated individuals across many global business units.

It seemed that my teams usually were given the most difficult projects with a higher percentage of possible failure rate. I was always amazed at how my team could take such a project and create and execute a solution. I felt fortunate to work with such intelligent, hard working, and humble individuals. I was inspired by this team, and I learned something new every day.

Last week, I felt that excitement of starting a new project. Lisa, from MAREP, asked if I would be interested in being the editor for a yet to be defined or designed e-newsletter. It would follow along the same line, as the “By Us, For Us” MAREP booklets. The target audience will be people who have dementia and it will be created by the same. At this point, it is only an idea. Lisa needed someone to help drive the project. Yes, yes, yes! Sign me up.

After our meeting, I immediately jumped on the internet to see what was already out there. I fell into the trap of coming up with a solution, prior to understanding the requirements. I had to slow my jets down.

On the internet, I found an excellent document outlining the necessary steps titled, “How to Create an E-Newsletter: From Beginning to Send.” I think this will help in providing the necessary framework to successfully accomplish the project.

To live well with dementia, it is important for me to seek out opportunities that will intellectually challenge me. I want to use my existing skills and even develop new ones. I believe this e-newsletter project will do just that.

If I had not partnered with MAREP, I believe that I would probably watch a fair bit of television today. Instead, I am looking forward to beginning the first steps of this exciting project. Not only will this help stimulate me, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment and contribution. It is that feeling that I look to embrace. I am off to live today as if it is my last. How exciting is that?!